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Air Element Crystal Set

Air Element Crystal Set

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Those born under the Sun (also known as the Star) signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are said to be ruled by the Air Element. 

The Air element is associated with the following key words:

- Curiosity

- Intellect 

- Intuition

- Practicality 

- Optimism

- Wisdom

This crystal set contains crystals that complement those ruled by the air signs as those individuals may need the properties contained within these crystals to help them day to day. The crystals within this set are: 

Lapis Lazuli

This stone can help to promote effective communication which can be helpful if we feel that relationships with others are either causing or being affected by stress, anxiety or depression. Additionally, effective communication may help us to feel we can speak more about how we are feeling which often can be the first step towards moving to positive mental health. 


Amethyst is heavily associated with bringing calm, relaxation, healing, a good aid to meditation and helping with decision making. Very useful in terms of helping to de-stress and problem solve. 


Labradorite is associated with protection from negative energies and clearing the space.


This stone can help us to look at situations realistically. This is particularly helpful if negative thoughts are continually present that may be in the form of self-criticism or feelings that others do not like us. 

Golden Tiger's Eye

This beautiful stone is associated with lifting mood, increasing energy and keeping us grounded!

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