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Opalite Crystal Chip Bracelet

Opalite Crystal Chip Bracelet

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Opalite is a little different to other gems, as it is a man-made crystal often consisting of glass and resin. It is inspired by real opal, however Opalite is much more affordable. Despite being man-made, Opalite is said to be a powerful stone, associated with the following properties:

- Peace and tranquility

- Self-assurance

- Helps to heal emotional trauma

- A symbol of optimism and playfulness

- Aids intuition and psychic connection

- Boosts resilience



Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Libra

Planets: the Moon

Elements: Air, Earth

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye

Numerology: 9


Crystal Care

As Opalite is made of glass it could shatter or crack if impacted so care should be taken. 

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