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Starseed Oracle Cards

Starseed Oracle Cards

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A beautiful 53-card oracle deck complete with guidebook designed by Rebecca Campbell. 

The Starseed Oracle Cards are designed to help those who may be a Starseed Soul. These cards state that if you have always had a longing for home but never really knew what that meant, then you could be a Starseed soul. This refers to the concept of someone who could have been incarnated elsewhere in the cosmos before their time on Earth. 

These oracle cards are designed to support Starseed souls through guidance, helping them to remember who they truly are and to embrace their time on Earth.

Also note the shape of the box becomes a triangle when the lid is removed. The triangle is ancient mystic shape with one meaning being the connection between the infinite universe and the groundedness of the Earth. Additionally when doing readings you can use the shape of this box to hold cards. 

Remember that divination may be able to help guide you through challenging times when things feel so overwhelming that we are struggling to find the answers ourselves. 

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