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Agate Slice Keyring

Agate Slice Keyring

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Genuine Agate slice dyed various colours including dark blue, dark grey, deep blue/green, red, purple, red-orange and sea green.

Agate is associated with cleansing negative energy, cleansing the aura, enhancing concentration and perception, as well as being soothing and calming.

These properties may be helpful in moving towards, and maintaining, positive mental health. This is because often concentration and perception of situations is affected when feeling depressed, anxious or stress which in turn unfortunately can lead us to feel even worse.

Additionally, the calming properties of agate may help us to relax which can be useful to help us de-stress and be able to get a good night's sleep: an essential for good mental health! 

Carry this with you in the form of this beautiful agate slice Keyring. 

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