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Air Element Neroli Scented Crystal Candle with Amethyst

Air Element Neroli Scented Crystal Candle with Amethyst

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Representing the 3 air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, this lidded candle comes in a lovely neroli fragrance with amethyst crystal chips and features the elemental symbol for air and its matching zodiac signs.

The Air element is associated with the following key words:

- Curiosity

- Intellect 

- Intuition

- Practicality 

- Optimism

- Wisdom

Amethyst is a purple variety of Quartz that has been loved since 25,000BC! The name of this beautiful crystal is derived from the Greek word ‘-amethystos’ which means ‘not intoxicated’. It was thought to protect against drunkenness in the Ancient Greek world. It can be found across the world and is associated with the following:

- Calmness

- Serenity

- Healing

- Clarity

- Promotes calm sleep

- Clears negativity

- Helps with decision making

- Good to use whilst meditating 


Neroli is an essential oil that is derived from the flowers of the Seville Orange. It is associated with love, peace, clarity and encouraging relaxation.

Paraffin wax.

Approximate burn time of 25 hours.

Please practice caution when burning candles and never leave lit candles unattended.

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