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Angel Aura Quartz Spiral Cage Pendant Necklace

Angel Aura Quartz Spiral Cage Pendant Necklace

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Angel Aura Quartz 

This beautiful stone connects us to spirit and brings about a deep sense of peace. It opens us up to receive angelic messages and spiritual guidance. This can be helpful particularly to guide us through difficult times.

Angel Aura Quartz also enhances meditation and awakens the higher self. It it also associated with cleansing the aura and the chakras, bringing us into balance: helpful for moving towards positive mental health. Angel Aura Quartz encourages your love to shine through into everything that you do. 




Crystal Care 

Angel Aura Quartz can be scratched so try to avoid contact with any abrasive materials. Do not leave in water for long periods of time as the colour may fade.  



Zodiac Signs: Aries 

Planets: Moon 

Elements: Air 

Chakras: Crown 

Numerology: 66 

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