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Aries Zodiac Sign Crystal Pendant with Red Jasper

Aries Zodiac Sign Crystal Pendant with Red Jasper

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The perfect gift for those born under the Aries Sun Sign (also known as the Star Sign).

Red Jasper

Red Jasper gives you courage to heal and face feared obstacles, support your inner self, and give you a surge of vitality. This cleanses the aura. Red Jasper encourages creativity and boosts our strength and endurance.  Engaging in things we value, and putting ourselves first does require strength and courage when we are feeling depressed or anxious. But know that you are always supported, Red Jasper and the Universe can support you with this to move towards improved mood. 



Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Leo, Aries

Planets: The Sun, Earth 

Elements: Earth 

Chakras: Root, Sacral 

Numerology: 6 


Aries: 21st March-19th April  

Keywords: Leader, independent, impatient, energetic, assertive, active, initiator 

Planetary Ruler: Mars (represents energy and spontaneity) 

Element: Air  

Crystals: Diamond, Bloodstone, Ruby, Aquamarine 

Colour: Red 

Flower: Tiger Lily, Honeysuckle 

Season: Spring 

Metal: Iron 

Modality: Cardinal 

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