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Fancy Jasper Runestone Set with Pouch

Fancy Jasper Runestone Set with Pouch

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25 Runestones per set. Comes with cotton bag that explains the meaning of each runestone. 

Runes can be used as a divination tool or as stones to carry round dependent on the properties you want to invoke. Runestones can be read however feels right for you. Some examples could be drawing a daily runestone, or reading a runestone spread after visualising your question(s).

Remember, using divination can be a helpful guidance tool, especially when we are feeling like we can't see how to get through a difficult situation.

Fancy Jasper is strongly associated with healing and tranquility. It encourages a strong sense of well-being and aids us in feeling grounded. It supports us through difficult times and challenges. Fancy Jasper is also associated with helping us to worry less. 


Zodiac Signs: Aries, Scorpio

Planets: Mars

Elements: Fire

Chakras: Root

Numerology: 6

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