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Black Onyx Runestone Set with Pouch

Black Onyx Runestone Set with Pouch

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Set of 25 runestones of the Elder Futhark. Runestones can be used as a divination tool or as stones to carry round dependent on the properties you want to invoke. Try pulling a daily runestone to see what the runestones guidance is for the day, or pull 3 runestones to gain general guidance needed at the moment. 

Remember, using divination can be a helpful guidance tool, especially when we are feeling like we can't see how to get through a difficult situation.

Black Onyx encourages you to embrace living a life that serves you and your needs, to align to your higher self. It encourages us to not need to seek opinions of others, but to trust our inner wisdom and intuition to seek the answers within. Black Onyx is also a strong protector against negative energies, and negative/destructive thought patterns. Black Onyx can also help us restore energy levels in stressful situations.  



Zodiac Signs: Leo 

Planets: Saturn 

Elements: Earth 

Chakras: Root 

Numerology: 6 


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