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Black Pumpkin Incense Cone Holder

Black Pumpkin Incense Cone Holder

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Great for Halloween and those who like something a bit alternative, this black pumpkin incense cone holder features a solid black finish with a cut out face design. Place a smoking incense cone in the holder and watch as the smoke curls out of the jack-o'-lantern's face. The jack-o-lantern is an ancient symbol. Used at Samhain, often faces were carved onto vegetables such as turnips (now pumpkins) to protect the community from evil spirits. Additionally a candle was place inside the lantern to help people find their way home.

Remember that surrounding yourself with things that you love (of course, material things must be within reason, considering finances etc!) can really lift your mood. Putting things in your home that feel more like you can really help you to love yourself and your environment - this is a huge factor in lifting mood and reducing stress. 

Dimensions: H10cm x W11.5cm x D11.5cm

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