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Clear Quartz Small Crystal Jar

Clear Quartz Small Crystal Jar

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This small crystal jar can be used however you need it. For example, it could be simply placed in an environment of your choice to encourage the energies there, or you can carry it around with you, or it can simply be a supply for rituals and spiritual practices. 


Clear Quartz 

Clear Quartz is strongly associated with amplifying the properties of other crystals it is near. However in itself it is a powerful crystal. It boosts and nurtures well-being, and supports healing and balance. It brings us clarity to situations and is a great aid to meditation due to its strong grounding abilities. Clear Quartz also expands our consciousness and awareness to engage spiritual growth.  

Crystal Care 

Due to it restoring and amplifying other crystals, Clear Quartz will require regular cleansing and charging.  


Zodiac Signs: All 

Planets: All 

Elements: All 

Chakras: All 

Numerology: 7 

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