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Earth Element Sandalwood Crystal Candle with Clear Quartz

Earth Element Sandalwood Crystal Candle with Clear Quartz

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Representing the 3 earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, this lidded candle comes in a lovely sandalwood fragrance with quartz crystal chips and features the elemental symbol for earth and its matching zodiac signs.

The Earth Element is associated with the following key words:

- Nurturing

- Patience

- Stability

- Grounded

- Dependable

‘Clear Quartz’ derives from the Greek word for ‘ice’ which is reflected in it’s glacial-like appearance. Clear Quartz is seen as an amplifying stone - whatever energy you put into it, will come out of it ten fold. It is also seen as the ‘master healer’, with the following associations:

- promotes patience and prosperity 

- a powerful healer

- connects us spiritually

- clears negativity 

- promotes clarity of mind

Sandalwood is associated with promoting spiritual connectedness, calm and protection.

Paraffin wax. Approximate burn time of 25 hours. Please practice caution when burning and never leave lit candle unattended.

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