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Earth Element Tumble Gemstone Set

Earth Element Tumble Gemstone Set

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Those born under the Sun (also known as the Star) signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are said to be ruled by the Earth element. 

The Earth element is associated with the following key words:

- Nurturing

- Patience

- Stability

- Grounded

- Dependable


This crystal set contains crystals that complement those born under the earth signs as those individuals may need the properties contained within these crystals to help them day to day. The crystals within this set are: 

Black Obsidian

A powerful protector and clearer of negative energy, grounding it into the Earth where it can be neutralised. 

Clear Quartz

Aids with balancing of emotions, amplifying other crystal energies, and helping us to focus. 

Golden Tiger's Eye

Helping to ground us into the here and now and lifting our energy.


Providing strength and courage, helping us through challenging times

Green Aventurine

To bring prosperity, success and aid in dealing with negative thoughts. 

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