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Handmade Litha Home Decoration with Golden Tiger’s Eye

Handmade Litha Home Decoration with Golden Tiger’s Eye

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Handmade with love!

Litha is a sabbat of the Celtic wheel of the year and is also known as the summer solstice. This is generally celebrated between June 20th-23rd and marks the longest day and shortest night where the Sun is at its height. 

Symbolises: warmth, abundance, fire, love, growth

Made with one of the Sabbat’s associated crystals Golden Tiger’s Eye. 

Golden Tiger’s Eye 

Golden Tiger’s Eye gives you the fearlessness and strength to pursue whatever gives your soul fire. It highlights the talents and abilities that are unique to you and gives us the strength, courage and ambition to follow our dreams.  

Golden Tiger’s Eye also gives us the courage and strength to face challenges, and take any criticisms as intended with love. Golden Tiger’s Eye also reminds us to engage in self-control, and things about your needs more than your wants so you can accomplish your goals.  


Zodiac Signs: Leo, Capricorn 

Planets: The Sun 

Elements: Fire, Earth 

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus 

Numerology: 4 

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