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Love You to the Moon Labradorite Crystal Moon in a Bag

Love You to the Moon Labradorite Crystal Moon in a Bag

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Capture the energy of the moon with this small crescent-shaped labradorite crystal. Accompanied by a matching sentiment card with inspiring, "Love you to the moon & back" text and a drawstring bag, it's the perfect token to remind someone of their inner strength and importance.


Labradorite helps us to build resilience and courage against those who would try to be unkind to us. It encourages us to trust in the abundance the universe can give us. Labradorite can enhance psychic visions and protect us and our auras from negative energies.

Crystal Care

As Labradorite is a softer stone, try to avoid it coming into contact with any abrasive surfaces. 


Zodiac Signs: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius 

Planets: The Moon, Uranus, Pluto

Elements: Air

Chakras: All

Numerology: 6


The Moon Shape of this beautiful crystal is associated with new beginnings, transformation, intuition and empowerment.  It is also associated with growth, creativity and encouraging manifestation. 

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