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The Grail Goblet

The Grail Goblet

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Yes, it is true! You have found the one and only Grail! Designed by Nemesis Now's inspired in-house team, this chalice is based on the Holy Grail. It features a wider, more rounded cup, decorated in extravagant arches filled with elaborate patterns. As you move down to the stem, its simple texture is broken up by a decorative orb. The base replicates the patterns on the cup and is filled with raised jewels. Cast in the finest resin before being expertly hand-painted and finished in Bronze, this mythical goblet will have anyone in awe and wonder!

Remember that surrounding yourself with things that you love (of course, material things must be within reason, considering finances etc!) can really lift your mood. Putting things in your home that feel more like you can really help you to love yourself and your environment - this is a huge factor in lifting mood and reducing stress. 

- 17cm

- Cast in the finest resin with removable stainless steel insert that can be washed after use. 

- Expertly hand-painted. Therefore product appearances may vary slightly. 

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