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Rose Quartz Tree of Life Pendulum

Rose Quartz Tree of Life Pendulum

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A pendulum taps into your intuition, spirit guide and sixth sense and can help to answer yes or no questions. The pendulum is guided by these things to give you an answer to these questions.

Remember that divination can be a tool used to help guide us through difficult and challenging times, when we feel we cannot find a way out of them. 

The Tree of Life symbolises the interconnectedness of everything in the universe including family and rebirth. The tree also symbolises new life and rebirth given the new leaves that sprout on the tree every year.


Rose Quartz 

This beautiful crystal is strongly associated with love, both to the self and others. It encourages us to accept and love ourselves for who we are and helps us to see our beauty both in and outside of ourselves. Rose Quartz also nurtures compassion and understanding and can help bonds with others strengthen, whether this is a family relationship, friendship or romantic relationship. Rose Quartz is also associated with rekindling passion between romantic partners.  

Rose Quartz brings a soothing energy that can help us to restore balance within our emotions, especially following heartbreak. It helps us to feel we can trust others again and can promote the release of stress and resentment.  

A wonderfully loving stone.  



Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Libra 

Planets: Venus 

Elements: Water 

Chakras: Heart 

Numerology: 7 

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