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Scorpio Zodiac Sign Red Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

Scorpio Zodiac Sign Red Carnelian Crystal Bracelet

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The perfect gift for those born under the Scorpio Sun Sign (also known as Star Sign).

Bracelet hand 

Wear a crystal bracelet on your left wrist if you wish to receive its healing energies and/or infuse the energies with your aura. Wear a crystal bracelet on your right wrist if you wish to release negative energies, release the energy of the crystal or manifest your intentions.   

Red Carnelian 

Red Carnelian is a beautiful and vibrant crystal that is strongly associated with promoting courage, strength and motivation. It encourages you to take action towards your goals and dream and sees change and transformation as a positive thing. Additionally, Red Carnelian acts as a protective shield that prevents resentment, rage and envy from the self and others.  



Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Leo, Scorpio 

Planets: The Sun, Mars 

Elements: Fire 

Chakras: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus 

Numerology: 5 


Scorpio: 23rd October – 21st November 

Keywords: Passionate, resourceful, psychological, determined, focused, perceptive, possessive 

Planetary Ruler: Pluto, Mars 

Element: Water 

Crystals: Opal, Red Carnelian, Topaz 

Colour: Gold, Purple, Black 

Flower: Chrysanthemum, Geranium, Rhododendron 

Season: Autumn  

Metal: Steel, Iron 

Modality: Fixed 


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