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Turquoise Orgonite Pendulum

Turquoise Orgonite Pendulum

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A pendulum taps into your intuition, spirit guide and sixth sense and can help to answer yes or no questions. The pendulum is guided by these things to give you an answer to these questions. 



Orgonite is made up of various types of quartz, other semi-precious crystals, precious metals and resin. This is said to be able absorb Orgone energy (the ‘life force’) that has turned negative and transform it into positive energy. Orgonite is said to be able to clear negative energy and purify the living space.

Turquoise is said to be the oldest stone known to humankind and is dated back to records in Ancient Egypt. Turquoise has been used by many cultures as a protection stone and a stone that brings together the spirit and physical worlds. It promotes intuition, clears blockages within the chakras and promotes a full sense of inner peace.  Likely a good stone therefore for clearing stress and anxiety. 

Zodiac Signs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces 
Planets: Neptune 
Elements: All 
Chakras: Throat 
Numerology: 1 

Crystal Care 
Turquoise is a fragile stone so take care when handling as it may crack if impacted. Do not put in water. 

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