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Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone with Pouch

Rainbow Moonstone Worry Stone with Pouch

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Worry stones, also known as Thumb stones, are small pebble shaped crystals that are easy to hold and use in times of worry or stress. Simply hold the stone between your index finger and thumb and move your thumb gently back and forth across the stone to ease stress. Worry stones are also small enough to fit in your pocket, bag/purse, under your pillow, the possibilities are endless! Wherever you feel it needs to go, place it so you can hold it in times of needing to clear the air around you of negative energy. You can also assign a specific intention to your stone dependent on your needs at that time. 

These stones are 25mm, and are hand-carved so every stone is unique.

An ideal gift, this worry stone comes with a black pouch.

Rainbow Moonstone, also known as white Labradorite, is a truly beautiful stone that emits a gorgeous blue hue when light hits it at certain angles. Ancient cultures used Rainbow Moonstone as a fierce shield against negative energies, promoting calm, and increasing the connection to the spiritual.

Moonstone is particularly connected to the guidance of the moon, and, as with each lunar cycle new opportunities for growth occur, so too does Moonstone teach us to embrace these opportunities in day to day life. With this connection to the moon, it also promotes spiritual connections, and teaches us to acknowledge and embrace our vulnerabilities. 

In particular, Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the following properties:

- joy

- peace, calm

- mental clarity

- emotional healing 

- spiritual transformation

- symbolises mystery and intuition

- symbolises hope, courage and harmony 



 Zodiac Signs: Cancer

Planets: The Moon

Elements: Air

Chakras: Crown, Sacral, Third Eye

Numerology: 4

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