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Rainbow Moonstone Pencil Crystal

Rainbow Moonstone Pencil Crystal

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The point shape of this Rainbow Moonstone is often used in healing. If you point this crystal inwards towards you, this will channel the crystal’s energy to the body. Pointing this crystal away from the body will draw energy off.

This crystal is approximately 2-3cm in length.  

Rainbow Moonstone, also known as white Labradorite, is a truly beautiful stone that emits a gorgeous blue hue when light hits it at certain angles. Ancient cultures used Rainbow Moonstone as a fierce shield against negative energies, promoting calm, and increasing the connection to the spiritual.

Moonstone is particularly connected to the guidance of the moon, and, as with each lunar cycle new opportunities for growth occur, so too does Moonstone teach us to embrace these opportunities in day to day life. With this connection to the moon, it also promotes spiritual connections, and teaches us to acknowledge and embrace our vulnerabilities. 

In particular, Rainbow Moonstone is associated with the following properties:

- joy

- peace, calm

- mental clarity

- emotional healing 

- spiritual transformation

- symbolises mystery and intuition

- symbolises hope, courage and harmony 



 Zodiac Signs: Cancer

Planets: The Moon

Elements: Air

Chakras: Crown, Sacral, Third Eye

Numerology: 4

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